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Marilyn Lange
Miss May 1974
Playmate of the Year 1975

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Marilyn was born in Westfield, New Jersey, on January 12, 1952. She admired the pilgrims, practiced vegetarianism and subscribed to a complex of beliefs that might be best characterized as New Age. She was of Finnish extraction and looked forward to visiting that country

Chosen by Playboy magazine as the Playmate of the Month for May 1974, and later, the 1975 Playmate of the Year. The Playmate of the Year pictorial was featured in the June 1975 issue, and both of her pictorials were photographed by Dwight Hooker.

She is a graduate of the class of 1970 of Westfield High School. Just one month after her high school graduation, she married a classmate from that same high school, Jeff Pelosi, who also was the drummer in the 1960s rock band The Critters, who had hit records that included "Younger Girl".

The information comes from Marilyn's wedding announcement in the April 9, 1970 issue of the Westfield (N.J.) Leader newspaper:

"Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lange, of 721 Dorian Rd, announce the engagement of their daughter, Marilyn Jane, to Jeffrey Alan Pelosi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Pelosi, of Maplewood. Miss Lange is a senior at Westfield High School. She will attend the Berkeley School, East Orange, in the fall. Mr. Pelosi is a former member of the recording group, The Critters. He is now pursuing a songwriting career. The wedding is scheduled for July 18 at Saint Paul's Church."

Lange and Pelosi were apparently divorced just a few years later, as the text of her original appearance in Playboy has her "married at 18 to a member of a popular east coast rock band .... the marriage didn't last and she has no plans to try matrimony again". It also makes reference to a boyfriend named "Kip". Marilyn Lange: Soccer

At that time, she lived in Hawaii and played soccer. As a publicity stunt, the Chicago Sting of the men's North American Soccer League selected her in the final round of the 1976 draft.

Jim Walker, general manager of the Chicago Sting said, "We liked what we saw". Lange was picked for the Sting's sixth draft choice. In the end she only did some promotional work for the team, and the North American Soccer League. Marilyn was quoted as having said,: "I wish I were a guy so I could really play".

She never played in a game for the Sting.

Not much else is known about her. She disappeared from public view not long after completing her contractual obligations to Playboy. She has understandably developed a cult following. Marilyn Lange: Quotes

"I find some of today's sexually explicit entertainment to be a bit over the top. I kind of like the mystique sex used to have, it's nice when there's a little room for the imagination to work." Marilyn Lange, 1975 Playmate of The Year.

Bust: 39
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130

Ambitions: I can't decide on a career. There are so many interesting ones.
Turn-ons: My cooking, sapphire and diamond rings, fantastic male singers, snowy days, being caressed.
Turnoffs: People who shoot deer with telescopic lenses on high-powered rifles and track the deer on trail bikes.
In My Spare Time: I laugh, cry, swim, learn the violin, climb mountains, ride my bike, and love animals (except snakes, spiders and rats I don't get along with too well).
If I Had More Time: I'd get more sleep. I love to dream. I'd also like to meet the person I am most compatible with. It's said that every person is the world is compatible with 144 other people. It'd be great to meet them all.
Great News: My mom quit smoking after a 24-year, hard-core, two-pack-a-day habit. Yeah!
Up Next: I'd love to attend the University of Hawaii. If I could do high school over again I would take more biology and science so I could become a vet.
Great Foods: Avocado stuffed with crab meat, homemade bread and butter, milk.
People I Admire: The Pilgrims. They had guts.
Favorite Color Scheme: Burgundy, white, lavender.
I Love Being A Playmate: Because I would like to be able to say I turned that many men and women on and brought them a little pleasure.
I'd Love To See: Finland. Almost all of my father's ancestors are Finnish.

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